"Who is this KodekPL pushing commits to my GitHub repo?"

That's what I thought when I saw "KodekPL" as the author of a commit in my repo... A commit I had just pushed myself seconds before. But why KodekPL and not someone else? Who is this guy?

I’m willing to bet you play Minecraft. A lot of Minecraft. Enough to warrant the need of creating a server. Perhaps one day you downloaded Spigot. “Wait a second here, why are we talking about Minecraft? I’m talking about my GitHub repo here. Someone is in my repo! What the heck!?”, I hear you say.

Turns out, there’s a link between Spigot and KodekPL on GitHub.

Upon further investigation, KodekPL’s GitHub email address is “unconfigured@null.spigotmc.org”. Git, for some reason, picked that up as your email address, hence the wrong author on GitHub. Setting the global variables fixes this.

git config --global user.email your@email.com
git config --global user.name "Your Name"

That’s it. Push something to GitHub and enjoy!

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