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November 2019
Why I still use a ThinkPad X220 in 2019
Extensibility, compatibility, and reliability.
September 2019
On sleepiness, activation energy, and flow
Parallels between chemistry and the human mind.
February 2019
I didn't know any better
A security horror story starring 11-year-old me... and Flash.
November 2018
Don't fear asking questions
On the importance of cultivating a safe space where everyone can ask questions.
February 2018
Challenge your own beliefs and opinions, one tab at a time
Open a new tab. Change your mindset. Rinse. Repeat.
April 2017
Inspecting a “USB Drop” Attack Using
Or, "why you shouldn't pick up random USB keys".
December 2015
"Who is this KodekPL pushing commits to my GitHub repo?"
Seriously, who's that guy, and how is he committing to my repository?
November 2015
The beginning of a new adventure, and a new home.
May 2015
Pedaling through Quebec's winters
A love letter to the joys of winter bicycling.
June 2014
A Better Way to Journal
Five minutes is all you need.
March 2014
Just Write
Put pen to paper to crystalize your thoughts.
Technology Is Not an End (part 2)
Or, "alternatives to wasting time".
Technology Is Not an End
Using technology for creative purposes, and sharing knowledge around.
November 2013
My 12 New Year's Resolutions
How about failing 12 resolutions instead of one? /s
October 2013
College, Smartphones, and Becoming Better
Or, "why you should keep your head up in college hallways".

February 2018
Supply chain transparency platform PoC based on the Ethereum blockchain
May 2017
JSON Feed Viewer
The world's first JSON feed viewer, as seen on Daring Fireball

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