Hello! I'm Max.

I'm a software developer based in Canada, working on online storefronts at Shopify. Iย care about empowering engineering teams and building software that respects people. Areas of interest include digital well-being, privacy, and sustainability.

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Blog posts

No EOS Webcam Utility on Linux? No problem!
Simplify, batch, and cache.
Agriculture meets static IPs and cellular APNs.
Tools do their job then get out of the way.
Cut through the noise and identify what's important.
Making server response times 4x faster than before.
Debugging a weird Ruby string sorting issue with GDB.

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Podcast appearances

A conversation about Shopify's massive storefront rewrite with Adam and Jerod.
Chatting with my friend Jean-Samuel about dial-up modems.

Side projects

A Jekyll template to start your own digital garden.
Freshreader (2020-03-14)
Read-it-later service with a twist: saved content disappears after 7 days.
Trace (2018-02-01)
Supply chain transparency platform PoC based on the Ethereum blockchain.
JSON Feed Viewer (2017-05-01)
The world's first JSON feed viewer, as seen on Daring Fireball.

Notes ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป

These 9 notes are an exploration in digital gardening. They are seeds of what could become full-fledged blog posts, new projects, or experimental initiatives in the future.