Hello! I'm Maxime. I enjoy solving problems, riding bicycles, and playing music. Welcome to my corner of the Web.

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Blog posts

No JavaScript. Just good old HTTP and HTML working together.
Self-hosted LAN-only services FTW!
No EOS Webcam Utility on Linux? No problem!
Simplify, batch, and cache.
Agriculture meets static IPs and cellular APNs.
Tools do their job then get out of the way.
Cut through the noise and identify what's important.

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Side projects

A Jekyll template to start your own digital garden.
Freshreader (2020-03-14)
Read-it-later service with a twist: saved content disappears after 7 days.

Podcast appearances

A conversation about Shopify's massive storefront rewrite with Adam and Jerod.
Chatting with my friend Jean-Samuel about dial-up modems.