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Just read your post about de-Googling your data. I did the same over the last few years, and I can totally endorse Bitwarden re: authenticator. I use it as a password manager and also for 2FA, never looked back.
Hi Maxime, Thank you for the wonderful template! The guide is very clear and easy to follow. It enables me to set up my own garden in a breeze!
Very neat xml solution... Using it as nested labels... Loved how it helps keep everything organized... Kudos, keep up the great work!
Hello! I love using Ulauncher. Thanks for the posts!
I love my X220 and use it everyday. I agree with everything you said. I particularly like the keyboard and the docking station that let's me use an external monitor and keyboard easily when I take it back and forth from work. Thanks!
Thank you for your amazing jekyll garden theme.
Hi! Yeah, those grandpas are great. Void Linux is rocking this one. :-) Great article, joy to read! Have a great day!
Hi Maxime! Your digital garden template is excellent, looking forward to cultivating my own over time at — thanks for the guidance!
Check out GrapheneOS (for your de-googled phone), and Aegis for your 2FA. You won't be dissapointed
Great post about the X220! I bought one in 2015, upped the memory to 16gb, added an msata SSD, and still use it daily. The TN monitor isn't ideal but it's a rock solid laptop that does everything I need it to do.
Enjoyed your writeup about the grain dryer project. Greetings from the Netherlands!
Just wanted to say congrats and thanks!
A guestbook! Very nice. Dropping in to say that the digital garden template is fantastic!
thank you for this!
thanks for your Writing and also the open source code to your digital garden
Hey Maxime! Stumbled here while browsing for garden templates — love the site.
Thanks for the tutorial!
Still using X220 with Windows 10 20H2, hope windows 11 land on it, and I will use it til I die... Great machine, X220 could work for 50 year in service... IF ONLY LENOVO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS KIND OF GENERATION AND BUILT NEW BOARD FOR IT! I WILL DEFINITELY BUY IT!
Your Thinkpad x220 choice certainly resonates with me. I purchased mine second hand in Hong Kong in 2017. It was a corporate lease return that looked brand new. I swapped in an SSD and 2x8gb RAM. With the 9-cell battery, it's a terrific travel companion. With the ultrabase attached, it's a nice desktop replacement when connected to two old 1280x1024 monitors that had been discarded as electronics waste.
Hello! Love the article (s) good job!
digital garden from my obsidian notes on the RPG campaign im running, player facing could be very interresting! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks so much for this!
Inspiring writing, thanks!
Loved the idea of a guest book.
My son fell asleep, I was looking for inspiration on Twitter and now I’m here. Cheers!
Montreal + Thinkpad X220 (Debian Linux, XFCE, 2021. :-)
Just bought a Thinkpad x220. Now I am waiting for arrival. I will install Linux on it. These machienes are just amazing for it-work :) Your Post was very useful Warm greetings from Germany
Hi Max, I was distracted from work, in a deep rabbit hole, and ended up on a github with a list of 2nd brains. Scrolled through it, and saw a familiar family name :) . Love your digital garden prototype (and the ideas in it too). Then i saw you had a guestbook .. which is amazing too. The i saw everyone on the guestbook talking about your dumb-phone idea. I had a look - and i hope you were able to maintain a more mindful relation with your phone. I personally went through a lot of digital-minimalism through the years with my phone and devices.. and i find its not an easy balance to strike and maintain (..and adapt to changing circumstances) ! Thanks for all that.
Really appreciate the post on using filters to organize gmail notifications; the XML file is a huge time-saver. Thank you!!
Thanks very much for the insight. I have just bought a x230. It's still early days but so far so good. It's working like a dream.
I loved your post about turning your phone from a boring tool to a useful tool. I just removed all the apps I never used and all the games. Wish me luck :0
Hello, I like your post about X220. I also just buy 2nd hand with 128GB SSD and 8gb of ram, i7-2640m. I can get 3-4 hours of battery, I plan to optimize it further. I read many source online at prime, thinkpad X220 could work for 8 hours minimum with 44wh battery, and I hope it comes true, because I want to buy a new battery for it. Now I've 9 cell battery, but it seems it's not original (and hard to pass by, and not cheap), so I only got 3-4 hours I mention before, light browsing with FF on windows 10 20h2, writing word, etc. I dream this laptop for long time until I could get it.. In my country I need to pay installment (yeah, my monthly payment as uni lecturer is very low indeed), it cost me 252 USD and each month for 21 USD (it's a lot here, you could buy one month meal with that, with 1 full meal a day). I hope this machine could hold 10 years a head, as I still have lenovo netbook S10 on my uni lab, it still work good, just not for web browsing, but remote, code, run simple code, compile, hear music, it still work for 7 hours straight. I really amazed with well cared old laptop, that aging well. Thank you for sharing!
Lovely writeups. Didn't think I'd enjoy reading about making a grain dryer an IoT device half as much as I did. Thank you!
A guestbook, waaaat!? Thanks for the garden template, I'm just now getting acquainted with the concept and it's very exciting. Your template is looking like it'll turn out to be instrumental in helping me explore all this. Also, I'm looking forward to dig into the knowledge you're sharing here, seeing lots of interesting things!
Guestbook: Amazing Dumb Phone: Amazing You: Amazing
Thanks for making this and sharing !
Great Blog!
Still using my X220 with 16GB of RAM and 500 GB SSD. I get 5ghz wifi though by the with factory wireless card. I was just marveling at how this thing keeps going and going, switched over this morning to do some work from my brand new Dell desktop, and did a Google search for "still using my X220" and your post came out on top. Once we were trying to watch something with a bluetooth speaker and my daughter said, "It seems like your notebook is trusty." Well-said! You helped pin down some of the reasons for this. I think a big part of it is the user-serviceability and the connectivity.
Cool idea, thanks for sharing your digital garden with the world!
Great post about the Thinkpad X220. I bought an X220 Tablet for school a few months ago and it's been great. I've upgraded it with an SSD, 8GB of RAM, and new thermal paste. I can easily use it for all of my schoolwork, along with more intensive things like editing videos and using VMs. I made a blog post about my Thinkpad if you want to check it out:
Maxime, your template is great, thanks for all the inspiration!
Hey Maxime, thanks a lot for your digital garden template, it's awesome!
Hello, thank you very much for the content, Maxime! Your digital garden template was just the one I have been looking for a long time, in Jekyll and having both support for wikilinks with spaces in them as well as graph visualization. I just really wanted to get that appreciation across to you. Thanks again!
This is Phil from 2021 in January typing from an i7 IPS x220 with a Samsung EVO 250GB 2.5" SATA SSD, a Broadcom 4253 Wifi AC 867Mbps + Bluetooth, and recently upgraded thermal paste. The display panel, bezel, palm wrest, and trackpad have all seen better days, but, this thing is a veritable workhorse that won't die! I have the ultrabase with the key, the external battery charger, and every battery aside from the 2-cell but I don't seem to be missing much there. Reading your blog made me feel happy. It's always nice to see other people doing the same sorts of things out there!
Good contents bro! Greetings from Indonesia
Keep up the awesome work! 👋 from a fellow Shopifolk
Now you ... you are a legend. I love freshreader and use it frequently to clean all the "oh shit I have to read that" tabs. You saved me quite some struggles and especially your philosophy of forgetting is something that I didn't know I need it so much. You're great.
So stoked to try out your digital garden template! Couldn't find a blogging platform that was going to fit what I was looking for, was a little trepidatious about jekyll from scratch, and yours looks super slick! Very happy I found ya
Keep it up!
Hi Maxime! Got here because I want to publish from Roam to an Andy-style site. Your theme, Roam-to-Git and How-to is the very best I've found so far. Thank you so much for this work!
Great Suggestions on smartphone usage, looking forward to implement :)
Interesting post on how to dumb down the 'smart'phone. I have started to take screenshots of my mobile usage as the screen time data on my iPhone doesn't allow a download of aggregated data! Completely agree on how shocking it is to realise how many app's poke themselves into our attention everyday.
Loved the ideas. Simple and surely effective. Going to implement them right away!
I enjoyed reading your post about the X220. Typing this message with my X201i right now... the X220 is at work!
Love your content. Keep it up!
Great post about the X220 - I bought 3 online last year, 1 for my parents and 1 as a spare.
You are reading this, so you are awesome! :D
Thank you for the content!
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