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Using a Canon DSLR as a webcam with Debian/Ubuntu (2021-01-04)
No EOS Webcam Utility on Linux? No problem!
Optimizing server-side storefront rendering at Shopify (2020-12-20)
Simplify, batch, and cache.
Monitoring a grain dryer via the Internet (2020-11-08)
Agriculture meets static IPs and cellular APNs.
Turning my smartphone into a boring tool (2020-11-03)
Tools do their job then get out of the way.
Automatically labeling GitHub notification emails with Gmail filters (2020-10-15)
Cut through the noise and identify what's important.
How Shopify reduced storefront response times with a rewrite (2020-09-03)
Making server response times 4x faster than before.
Two Ruby apps, same code, different output (2020-08-13)
Debugging a weird Ruby string sorting issue with GDB.
Three hours of Swift (2020-08-09)
What I learned during my initial exploration of iOS development.
Accelerating software onboarding with code walkthroughs (2020-07-28)
Welcoming newcomers with high-quality, high-context code comments.
Just Write, part 2 (2020-06-29)
Writing forces the mind to organize itself.
Setting up your own digital garden with Jekyll (2020-05-20)
Carve out your own space where you'll seed, cross-pollinate, and grow ideas.
Why I still use a ThinkPad X220 in 2019 (2019-11-24)
Extensibility, compatibility, and reliability.
On sleepiness, activation energy, and flow (2019-09-30)
Parallels between chemistry and the human mind.
I didn't know any better (2019-02-28)
A security horror story starring 11-year-old me... and Flash.
Don't fear asking questions (2018-11-11)
On the importance of cultivating a safe space where everyone can ask questions.
Challenge your own beliefs and opinions, one tab at a time (2018-02-24)
Open a new tab. Change your mindset. Rinse. Repeat.
Inspecting a “USB Drop” Attack Using (2017-04-07)
Or, "why you shouldn't pick up random USB keys".
"Who is this KodekPL pushing commits to my GitHub repo?" (2015-12-22)
Seriously, who's that guy, and how is he committing to my repository?
#sherbylove (2015-11-21)
The beginning of a new adventure, and a new home.
Pedaling through Quebec's winters (2015-05-30)
A love letter to the joys of winter bicycling.
A Better Way to Journal (2014-06-23)
Five minutes is all you need.
Just Write (2014-03-11)
Put pen to paper to crystalize your thoughts.
Technology Is Not an End (part 2) (2014-03-05)
Or, "alternatives to wasting time".
Technology Is Not an End (2014-03-04)
Using technology for creative purposes, and sharing knowledge around.
My 12 New Year's Resolutions (2013-11-25)
How about failing 12 resolutions instead of one? /s
College, Smartphones, and Becoming Better (2013-10-22)
Or, "why you should keep your head up in college hallways".

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